Saving our forests
One stick at a time.

Located in the corner of Northeast Oregon, Wallowa County was once one of Oregon’s major timber producers. But changes in federal land management and decades of fire suppression have left our forest in rapidly declining health, while mill closures have left our communities reeling. Our products support restorative forest management while helping to restore the economic health of our community in the process.

It's never too late
to create a better way.

At IBR, we convert woody biomass sourced from forest health and fire mitigation projects, as well as the waste from traditional harvests that people usually just throw away, into things like heat logs, campfire wood, poles and clean electricity.

The days of waste are behind us. So it’s time to harvest smarter. That means taking the scraps we used to ignore and putting them to work. The result is a renewable energy source that helps restore our forests, create new jobs in our community, and preserve our way of life for generations to come.

"We believe in healthy forests."