Wood for good.

At IBR, we’re dedicated to making the most out of of our forests. So instead of relying solely on large-scale logging, we also make our products out of the wood others throw away, like scrap from forest waste, forest thinning and fire mitigation projects. The result is wood that not only helps preserve our forests, but helps preserve jobs in a community struggling with timber mill closures.

Kiln-dried Firewood

Consisting of pine, fir and tamarack sourced from Northeast Oregon, our firewood is heat treated to destroy pests in all stages without the use of pesticide, protecting forests from invasive species being transported in our products. In fact, ours is the first and only heat treated bundled firewood produced in Oregon on a commercial scale.

Good energy heatlogs

Our Good Energy HeatLogs are made strictly from the waste of our other products. Made from 100% wood with no resins or binders, these HeatLogs burn 25% longer than a cord of wood while only taking up a third of the space. By drying and compressing the wood waste we increase the burning efficiency by 200%, which means less smoke and pollution. And it’s also good for your wallet; heating with our HeatLogs saves 60% compared to electricity and 27% compared to fuel oil.


Small logs are abundant on forest restoration projects, but are traditionally underutilized due to being too small for lumber. Instead, we make them into poles for orchard and vineyard stakes, trellising hops, or building fences. To make them beautiful, we peel the poles and put the waste to work by using it as fuel for our firewood kilns and electric generation.